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While I wasn't blessed with perfect teeth, I feel like a million bucks after every visit. Through their impeccable attention to detail and encouragement, Dr. Adams and her team give me not just a bright smile, but the skills to maintain it. I know I'm in the best possible hands!

Alia B

When I heard you were looking for content for the new website, I thought this would be the perfect forum to express my appreciation and gratitude for Dr. T and her team.

I've been a patient since around 1985 and even though my employer (and my coverage) has changed since then and Tamra is no longer fully covered in our current plan, I can't conceive of changing dentists. Anette, Rochelle and Dr. Adams and staff have not just taken care of my teeth, but done so with gentleness, care, humor and efficiency the likes of which I have never experienced with any medical or dental professional.

Before I started working with Tamra, going to the dentist was always a "high anxiety" experience. Now when I have a routine cleaning or even a more serious issue, it's much less stressful for me to know that you're all there.

I can't thank you all enough.


Culley C

When I was looking for a warm, caring, experienced dentist for my young daughter, I asked around and one name kept coming up--Dr. Tamra Adams. That was 20 some odd years ago and my daughter is still a patient. I feel like we have all grown up together. As a child, my daughter was not scared to go see Dr. Adams because she knew it would not hurt and at the end of her visit she would get to go into the wicker basket and pick out a toy.
When I decided to leave my dentist of 25 years, my first thought was to see if Dr. Adams had room to take me on as a new patient. She did and I was so pleased with all that she had done for my daughter and then me, I recommended her to a coworker and my brother and they are now patients too.
Everyone in the office is terrific--especially my Hygienist-Rochelle and Anette. I would recommend the services of Dr. Adam's office to one and all.


Teresa H

We have been patients of dr. adams for over 20 years
there is a reason..she and her staff are the best !


Larry C

I've been a patient of Tamra Adams practice for
about 6-7 years originating from a co-worker's

I have been extremely happy with their knowledge
and understanding of promoting good dental hygiene
and have benefited from it with their advice, care
and compassion. Referrals for outside work were
always handled efficiently and quickly. Knowledge
of the dental insurance system are to the penny
and any questions are followed up and answered
within the hour. Appointments or reschedules are
handled right away and every effort is made to
accomodate me. The big difference here is that
they really care.

Debbie C

Our family has been under Dr. Adams care for many years. I always give her as a referral because I want my friends to enjoy the very best Marin has to offer. Her staff reflects the expertise and care that her office offers. It is comforting to discuss options for your ongoing mouth care instead of being told that you only have one course of action. This is not always the case, but when appropriate to do so, Dr. Adams will discuss this with you.


Wayne R

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Adams for several years. We have all been impressed with the staff as a whole. They all take their jobs very seriously and most importantly quality dental care is the standard. Even though I am 55, I have learned more in this office about the health of my mouth and teeth than I ever have before. The staff is great at explaining what needs to be done and why. Dr. Adams has replaced several crowns in my mouth that were causing me trouble. Each time she replaces a crown the new one fits much more accurately between my existing teeth which improves my dental health, which in turn means less pain and easier flossing. A visit to the dentist isn't at the top of my list as fun, however with the congenial staff, great music, and competency of each person in their respective job, I have to say it has made dental visits as close to a pleasant experience as they can be. I have recommended this office to many friends, knowing they will be well taken care of.

Ellen D

We have been going to Dr. Tamra Adams’ office for many years now and really appreciate the great care we get here. We have complete trust in Dr. Adams and her staff; they are very professional and knowledgeable, and always take the time to explain any procedures or concerns. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.


Brandon P. and Emeli H.

"Tamra and her crew are the best! I highly recommend them."

Mary H

Dr. Adams has been (gently) tending to my teeth for more than 20 years. I still have every tooth I started with, all in excellent condition. If that isn't a heartfelt testimonial for one's dentist I don't know what is!

Richard L

Going to the dentist can be a bad day for anyone, but the staff at your office is able to make the visit an enjoyable one. The staff is so friendly and wants to see me keep all my teeth. Keep up the good work. I think of you every time I smile.


Greg A.

I’ve received excellent care and advice from Dr. Adams, and have always appreciated my dealings with everyone who works there. Anette, in the front office, is always extremely pleasant, helpful and very professional.
I've only been coming to Dr. Adams' office for about two years -- a relative newcomer -- but I'm certain I'll be coming here as long as I still have teeth! And with the stunning improvement I've seen, I expect I'll have a mouthful for the foreseeable future, and well beyond.

The depth of my gum ‘pockets’ has decreased in direct proportion to my increased understanding of dental hygiene. Yesterday, as Jeslyn updated my pocket numbers, I listened in amazement to the good news. But as Jeslyn says, it’s a partnership; she inspires me to listen and take note of her advice, and, as a result, I benefit from her brilliant and frequently entertaining tips! Every visit to Dr. Adams’ office is a continuing concentrated course in dental hygiene-o-nomics.


Penny W.

My dental health is very important to me -- that's why I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Adams and her team. Whether it be a routine or emergency appointment, a simple or complex procedure, Dr. Adams, Rochelle, Anette and Johann always provide professional, top notch care with a welcoming and reassuring manner.


Teressa S.

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